Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I'm taking blog break, since it's soon time to clean up my garden beds and get ready for all the fun planning and plantings to come!!!!!
I will continue to visit everyone's blogs while I'm on break.
Wishing everyone a nice spring equinox!


  1. ohhh
    but i guess you can update it with your garden picts :)

  2. I will do that Deeps. Have a great day!

  3. Thank you Michael! Happy spring equinox!

  4. nothing for us from your garden? :)

  5. Hello Deeps,
    I've so far started lavender, zinnias marigolds and lupine indoors. I want to plant them in my veggie garden along with sunflower to attract bees and butterflies.
    Unfortunately it's been a very cold start to spring. I'm hoping the weather warms up soon so I can get my lettuce, beets sugar snap peas and carrots planted. those go in the garden earlier around my area.
    I will start posting some healthy recipes and post on the garden in April.
    Wishing you a very pleasant evening.